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Seazen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Seazen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Operated by Seazen Holdings, Wuyue Plazas are flagship city complexes with extremely strong appeal for brands. The Plazas, supported by profound capitals and a new-generation business model of experience shopping, are an exploitation in the segment of commercial properties and a momentum that drives the thriving of the "Wuyue" brand. As the Wuyue Plazas are expanding with a number of distinct projects, the underlying "Wuyue Model" remains, which fully satisfies the strong local demands for quality complexes. Wuyue, the pioneer and leader of experience shopping in China, boasts a host of advantages that make the Plazas new landmarks of the cities they are presented, without exceptions. Regional value is thus elevated, too.

Vionvision, a leading provider of AI vision technology, offers a preceise and efficient facial recognition and people counting solution based on the company's extensive technology accumulation, mature products and services. The soltion assists in the instant acquisition of massive basic data including attributes such as genders and ages, and filters of duplications and staff; users are allowed to use the cloud management platform of Vionvision for distance inspection and precise statistics of the daily or monthly traffic data of each store; the "facial recognition + people counting" system solution embedded with deep learning algorithms enables faster facial recognition and more accurate data.